Reading watercoolers

Customer service is paramount to Cooler Ideas, a water cooler company with over 30 years combined knowledge and experience in this industry. They deliver and maintain a range of mains fed or bottled water coolers to customers in Reading for both commercial or domestic purposes.

Studies have proven that we should drink 2 litres of fresh water each day to help keep us healthy and alert – a far greater amount that most of us do drink daily. Fatigue and loss in concentration, not to mention headaches, can be caused by dehydration resulting from a lack of water in the body. Surprisingly maybe, once you do begin to feel thirsty, approximately 2 percent of your body's water content has been lost. This equates to a 20 percent reduction in physical and mental performance.

Cooler Ideas can provide you with a balanced chilled water solution so that you can enjoy the health benefits of having pure drinking water in your office or your home throughout the day.

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